Charlotte Tilbury instant look in a palette- Seductive beauty

I always get super excited by the idea of multi purpose products. Charlotte Tilbury claims to have created a palette that can give you a perfect ‘5 minute face’ on the go. This launch has had a lot of hype around it so I felt it needed a blog post to fully review it and see if it lives up to the hype.

So firstly, Charlotte Tilbury launched this ‘face in a palette’ concept a few months ago when she released the ‘natural beauty’ palette. To me, i already had the majority of products that were in this palette so i decided to skip purchasing it- even though i really wanted it. Now only a few weeks ago when i seen that there had been a second launch, ‘seductive beauty’ that had a whole range of products that were more appropriate for a more bronzed makeup look, i knew i had to take the splurge!


First off, I think the palette it self is a really great size, it’s big enough that you get a generous amount of product inside, but it’s still compact enough that it would travel well in your day to day handbag for touch ups on the go. The huge mirror on the inside is also a massive added bonus! The Palette costs £49 and contains 7 products, 3 eye shadows, 2 blushers, a bronze shade and a highlight shade- not too bad.

You could quite easily carry this palette, a brow pencil, a lipstick and a mascara and you would have everything you need to create a very universally flattering makeup. Here is a closer look…..


The palette comes with 3 eyeshadows, one to brighten (a shimmer shade), one to enhance (a smokey grey) and a smoke shade (a chestnut brown, with slight added shimmer). All 3 eyeshadows are a generous size and the exact same quality as her standard shadow palettes, buttery soft, easy to blend and long lasting. The bronzer and highlighter (both very generous sizes) are slighty darker than her filmstar bronze and glow palette, but are also very easy to blend out, so a subtle or more statement makeup look can still be created. The palette also comes with two cheek colours, two rosy pinks, which are both nice bright shades that instantly add a healthy glow to the skin.

Overall, this is a great palette, I actually took this palette with me when i went to New York City for my 5 day trip (blog post under travel) and i really found it was all that i really needed. This to me is great as when i travel i usually take a makeup bag full to burst of loads of different products that generally i don’t even use! In my opinion, Charlotte’s Instant Look In a Palette offers both quantity and quality in equal measures and its great value for money!





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