Soleil Tan De Chanel

Chanel is the ultimate brand of chic and sophistication so it won’t come as a surprise to anybody that their makeup line is also very luxurious .For this cream bronzer there is a very divided opinion, either love or hate. For me, i love it- Especially in summer. So the real question here is- is the Chanel soleil tan de chanel bronzer really worth all the hype?

Officially, the full title is the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel Embellisseur Effet Hale Bronzing Makeup Base. Essentially the product is a cream bronzer, however ‘base’ would fool you to believe that it is a face primer for applicator before foundation. The product however is multi functional being able to be used alone, as a base under foundation or over the top. I have tried using this product before and after makeup, but my personal preference is after i have applied my foundation, using it to just warm up my skin/ contour some shape into my face.

So firstly, the shade is said to be ‘universal’ however i do find it to be a little too warm for my skin when i haven’t self tanned (i would say my skin tone could be classed as ‘fair’).

The bronzer has a cream-gel texture, making it smooth and effortless to apply. I find the bronzer to have a very dry consistency which actually worried me a lot when i first swatched the bronzer as i have very dry skin, however as the bronzer contains silicones,  i found it to leave my face feeling velvety soft.

Application is 100% mess- free. The cream is very subtle initially, but also build able (without caking) to create a strong contour. Personally, I use a Real Techniques small stipple face brush to apply the product as i find it dispenses the makeup evenly across my face.


Yes, mines is used and loved. Just keepin’ it real!

The bronzer is a luxurious product and £32 for 30g may seem like a lot to spend but you really do get your money’s worth, i have had this for a long time and have hardly made a dent in the product- so worth the splurge!

To sum up:

The Good| applies smoothly, easy to blend, velvety, lots of product and VERY long lasting!

The Bad| expensive, colour not suitable for all skin types (too orange for very pale skin tones)

The overall verdict| I think this is definitely worth the hype if you’re into a natural sun-kissed, glowy look. You really do get a lot of product for your money so I don’t think it’s overpriced because it will last you a long time.


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