Modern Renaissance Palette; Anastasia Beverly Hills

Have you ever owned a makeup item that’s so pretty, you don’t even want to touch it? It has taken me 4 days to getting round to using this beautiful palette- I even took photos to post here on the blog but I just couldn’t bring myself mess it up!

After days of hesitation i finally did, and I can honestly say this one is worth ALL of the hype! I have wanted this palette for so long but was so hesitant to purchase it as i own way too many eyeshadow palettes, however I was very luckily gifted this palette by my lovely boyfriend for Valentines day (thanks Tom!)

This is the first Anastasia eyeshadow palette I’ve ever owned, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.


Initially, the packaging got my attention. The packaging is a really pretty dusty pink shade (my favourite). The palette itself is cardboard with a magnetic closure and a soft, velvety material covering the outside of it (you can kind of see in the photo above…). The only downfall i reckon this packaging might have is i can see it getting sooo dirty in my makeup box which is a nightmare as you can’t just wipe velvet clean!

The palette contains fourteen neutral and berry shades plus a double-ended brush (which i actually love) and a fairly large mirror. There’s a beautiful selection of both matte and shimmer shades, which all compliment each other nicely. It’s rare to find a palette that can be used all on its own, but I’ve found that with this one, you can create so many different combinations because the colours are all so compatible. One thing to note is that the colour pay off from these eyeshadows are hands down the best i have ever tried- the pigmentation is crazy good!


Overall, the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette is definitely my new favourite! The quality is amazing and there’s not one bad shade in the bunch. I wore a few shades yesterday and went to work and they didn’t even budge. Love, love love…definitely worth the splurge.


7 thoughts on “Modern Renaissance Palette; Anastasia Beverly Hills

  1. lusciouslashesblog says:

    Hey are you positive this palette is real because it doesn’t have the logo by the name on the outside of palette and inside? I was wondering because I got one that looks exactly like it but am thinking it’s fake because it doesn’t have the logo by the name like yours. Please email me if you can.


    • lucy jane robertson says:

      Hi there, yes mine is 100% genuine. I live in the UK and it was purchased from ‘BeautyBay’ which is an official online stockist of ABH. Maybe it is a USA/ UK thing…If yours is like mine, then it is definitely real 🙂 x


    • Mary says:

      I ordered mine on Sephora website and received it yesterday and also didn’t have the logo next to the name, I asked and was notified that the look has changed a bit but not the product itself. I did freak out a bit wondering if they where sending me a fake LoL

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nina says:

    Thank God I found this review. I also got the palette as a gift but it is different from all the other packagings and it was bought at the US Sephora. This is such a relief haha

    Liked by 1 person

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